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GCK (II) low voltage withdrawable switchgear cabinet
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GCK (II) low voltage withdrawable switchgear cabinet

Product Description

GCK (II) low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is suitable for power generation and power supply systems with a three-phase AC frequency of 50Hz, a rated working voltage of 400V (690V), and a rated current of 4000A or below, as power, power distribution, centralized control of motors, and capacitor compensation. for.Widely used in power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings and other places, this product complies with IEC60439-1, GB7251.1, JB/T9661 and other standards.

The cabinet adopts a new manufacturing process and each functional unit adopts a modular design. The unit combination is flexible and convenient, which can realize and replace all the schemes and functions of the GCK currently on the market.

Structure Description

The cabinet adopts a combined assembly structure, and the skeleton is assembled with KB profiles.The horizontal busbar is placed on the top of the cabinet. The top of the cabinet adopts an open structure. The top cover can be opened. The cabinet body is equipped with a rear door.The drawer is operated by opening the door.When opening the door, the drawer adopts XJG3 (rotary three-position) propulsion mechanism and BPT (dial handle three-position and DJG1-1G rotary three-position) propulsion mechanism.The primary plug-in adopts a new valve-free method, which has higher reliability.The rated current of the unit circuit is below 630A, and the maximum current of 1/2 unit drawer can reach 125A, and the maximum current of 1/4 unit is 63A.Cabinet protection grade IP4X.

main feature

1. The whole cabinet adopts an assembled combination structure and is installed with modular holes.Parts have strong versatility, good applicability and high degree of standardization;

2. The effective unit height of the drawer cabinet is 1800mm, and the drawer unit height is 200mm/300mm/400mm/500mm/600mm, etc.;

3. The upper part of the cabinet is the busbar room, the front part is the electrical room, and the rear part is the cable entry and exit room. There are steel plates or insulating plates between each functional room to isolate each other to ensure safety;

4. The door of the drawer compartment in the cabinet and the switch operating handle of the circuit breaker or isolating switch are equipped with a mechanical chain lock, and the door can only be opened when the handle is in the breaking position;

5. The drawer of the MCC cabinet adopts a mechanical three-position mechanism (including 200/2mm drawer) with three positions (separation, test, connection);

6. High-reliability primary connectors are used;

7. The material can be cold-rolled steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum-zinc coated plate.


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