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GCS (II) low voltage withdrawable switchgear cabinet
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GCS (II) low voltage withdrawable switchgear cabinet

Product Description

The low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is suitable for power generation and power supply systems with a three-phase AC frequency of 50Hz, a rated operating voltage of 400V (690V), and a rated current of 4000A or below. It is used for power, power distribution, centralized control of motors, and capacitor compensation.Widely used in power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings and other places, this product complies with IEC60439-1, GB7251.1, JB/T9661 and other standards.

The cabinet adopts a new manufacturing process and each functional unit adopts a modular design. The unit combination is flexible and convenient, which can realize and replace all the schemes and functions of GCS and MNS on the market.

Cabinet size (mm)








Structure Description

1. A new type of hand-operated propulsion mechanism, divided into two categories: manual operation and electric operation.The multi-turn labor-saving rocking method realizes easy, flexible, and stable push and move out of the drawer. The three-station has mechanical positioning and display, and has a 'click' position sound prompt function, and pushes the three-pole and four-pole of 630A The scheme drawer is easy and flexible; the closing interlock has the function of re-buckle and reset, and the principle of the push mechanism and the interlock mechanism are advanced technologies in the same industry at home and abroad.Among them, the special interlock mechanism for electric operation can ensure that the drawer can be moved only after the switch is cut off, effectively preventing misoperation, and realizing the rocker handle entering the mechanism (operable state). Electricity, so that the circuit breaker is electrically closed, with high operational safety;

2. The new hand-pull push interlock mechanism is applied to the unit drawer, which has the functions of three-position locking, display, auxiliary power supply for the closing interlock position, and the function of resetting the switch;

3. The new small hand-pulled propulsion mechanism is applied to 1/2 and 1/4 drawer units, with three-position locking, display, auxiliary power supply functions for closing and interlocking positions, and the function of resetting the switch again;

4. The drawer's new push interlocking mechanism has separation, test, and connection position mechanism display, and the electrical contacts are synchronized with the position.

main feature

1. Main circuit plug: The positioning of the plug spring is an important guarantee for the reliability of the plug structure. The pressure of the spring, especially after 500 times of plugging and unplugging, changes greatly, which is the biggest problem with the plugs seen in the market.The plug-in spring is made of manganese steel, heat-treated, and has stable and reliable performance. The plug is laminated, and 4 copper sheets form a group. Each group has an independent contact spring fixing structure, which has a strong ability to withstand overload current.All inlet and outlet plug-ins cancel the wiring method of riveting cables to avoid adverse effects caused by unreliable riveting and ensure the quality of operating equipment is safe and reliable;

2. Secondary connector: the contact stroke is long, which meets the test and working position connection requirements. It is the first in the industry to separate the two rows of fixed terminals and the two outlet terminals up and down. The wiring and outlets do not interfere with each other, making wiring more convenient and wiring beautiful;

3. Instrument panel: open-door hollow structure, convenient for wiring, component installation and testing. The component installation space is 164mmx122mm, which can meet the installation of digital display meters with a shape of 96mmx96mm. Other components such as light buttons can also be installed. The hollow part is made of steel plate. Facilitate the manufacture of openings;

4. 1/2, 1/4 drawer structure: 1/2 and 1/4 drawer operation mode is a hand-pull three-position operating mechanism.The switch is closed, the drawer is interlocked with the cabinet body, and the drawer cannot be pulled out. The 1/2 and 1/4 drawers adopt the manufacturing method without side panels on one side, which is convenient for complete sets of manufacturers to install components and wiring. The 1/2 drawer can meet 125A The rear outgoing line of the current, the side outgoing line and the rear outgoing line of 63A.1/4 drawer can meet 63A rear outlet and side outlet;

5. Vertical channel: the vertical channel of this cabinet type can choose half a set of functional boards and iron rectangular channel scheme;

6. Door lock: applied to drawer doors and fixed doors, it has the function of preventing the door panel from falling. After the door is locked, the drop does not exceed 0.5mm;

7. The drawer adopts the guide positioning and advancing function: In addition to the drawer guide rail, the bottom of the drawer of this product has added a left and right limit guide device for the drawer, and an upper and lower limit device for the upper and lower ends on both sides of the drawer to ensure the reliable insertion of the primary and secondary plug-ins.Ensure that there is no abnormal mechanical friction and no mechanical failure at the three positions of the drawer movement. The drawer is 100% interchangeable. The vertical and horizontal direction of the door gap can be guaranteed within 1mm. The 600mm or 800mm high drawer can be pushed easily and flexibly. The drawer does not tilt up and down, ensuring The appearance of the cabinet is high-level, and the panel protection level of IP40 is guaranteed.At the same time, the single-point stress mode of the propulsion device on the drawer partition is changed to multi-point stress, so that the drawer can be pushed smoothly and can withstand greater thrust;

8. Panel surface: The panel surface is refined, and the details of the cabinet panel surface fully consider the color matching, hinge appearance, circuit mark frame, instrument panel, door lock, and drawer structure, ensuring the orderliness of the panel surface and the uniform appearance of the door gap;

9. The drawers of this series of cabinets developed by our company can also adopt other operating mechanisms. At the same time, there are three schemes for the vertical passage, and a total of 14 cabinet type schemes can be derived, which can realize or replace all schemes of MNS, GCS, and GCK cabinet types. Users can choose combinations according to their needs. It is a new type of low-voltage withdrawable cabinet with major innovations in the industry from production to application.

Processing characteristics

1. Cabinet part: all right-angled parts that operators may come into contact with are all reversed at R angles to prevent scratching and hurting people; the improved busbar frame is more convenient to install busbars and has a more beautiful appearance; the ventilation grid installed on the top cover has anti- Drip function; the top cover is an open structure, which is convenient for users to place horizontal busbars on site; 2. Drawer part: the drawer adopts double-folding positioning groove rivet riveting process, and all parts are molded at one time, so that the drawer is 100% interchangeable. At the same time, the double-folding and rivet technology solves the defects of sheet burr and self-tapping screw tip injury;

3. Connectors: The first-time plug-in for the incoming and outgoing lines of the drawer can be directly used in conjunction with the function board and the metal channel, and the secondary connector is convenient to connect and the wiring is beautiful;

4. Vertical channel: half functional board or iron rectangular channel can be selected, and can be easily interchanged.


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