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GGD low voltage switchgear cabinet
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GGD low voltage switchgear cabinet

Product Description

GGD type AC low-voltage fixed switchgear is suitable for power distribution systems with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 380V, and rated working current 3150A for power users such as power plants, substations, factories and mines, as power conversion, lighting and power distribution equipment. distribution and control purposes.

GGD type AC low-voltage fixed switchgear is a new type of low-voltage power distribution cabinet designed according to the principles of safety, economy, rationality and reliability according to the requirements of the majority of power users and design departments.The product has the characteristics of high breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, series, strong, novel structure and high protection level.

GGD type AC low-voltage fixed switchgear complies with IEC60439 'Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment', GB7251.1 'Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment' and other standards.


The cabinet body of GGD type AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet adopts the form of general cabinet, and the frame is assembled by partial welding of 8MF cold-formed steel. The frame parts and special supporting parts are supplied by the designated steel factory to ensure the accuracy of the cabinet and quality.

The parts of the general cabinet are designed according to the principle of modules, and there are 20 mounting holes.The high universal coefficient can enable the factory to realize production, which not only shortens the production and manufacturing cycle, but also improves work efficiency.

The design of the GGD cabinet fully takes into account the heat dissipation problem during the operation of the cabinet.There are different numbers of heat dissipation slots at the upper and lower ends of the cabinet. When the electrical components in the cabinet heat up, the heat rises and is discharged through the upper slots, while the cold air is continuously replenished into the cabinet from the lower slots, so that the sealed cabinet is automatically A natural air duct is formed from bottom to top to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.

According to the requirements of modern industrial product modeling design, the GGD cabinet adopts the method of golden ratio to design the cabinet shape and the division size of each part, so that the whole

The body is beautiful and generous, with a new look.

The door of the cabinet is connected to the frame with a rotating shaft movable hinge, which is easy to install and disassemble. There is a mountain-shaped rubber and plastic strip embedded in the hem of the door. The direct collision of the body also improves the protection level of the door.

The instrument door equipped with electrical components is connected to the frame with multi-strand annealed copper wires.The mounting parts in the cabinet are connected with the frame by knurled screws, and the whole constitutes a complete grounding protection circuit.

The top coat of the cabinet body is made of polyester orange-shaped baking varnish, which has strong adhesion and good texture.

suitable visual environment.

The top cover of the cabinet body can be removed when necessary, which is convenient for the assembly and adjustment of the main busbar on site. The four corners of the cabinet top are equipped with lifting rings for lifting and shipment.The protection of the cabinet is IP30, and the user can also choose between IP20~IP40 according to the requirements of the use environment.


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