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Low-voltage second-generation withdrawable switchgear cabinet
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Low-voltage second-generation withdrawable switchgear cabinet

Product Description

The second-generation cabinet is a new cabinet type developed by our company according to the current industry development trend. It is suitable for power supply, distribution and power generation systems with three-phase AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 400V (690V), and rated current 4000A and below. For power distribution, motor control and power compensation.Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, power generation, high-rise buildings and other places.The products comply with GB7251.1, IEC60439-1, JB/T9961 and other related standards.

Structure brief

The cabinet body of the low-voltage second-generation cabinet is an assembled structure, and the skeleton is assembled with KB (25mm modulus) profiles, which can realize mainstream cabinet functions such as GCK, GCS, and MNS.The main improvement areas are drawers and propulsion mechanisms, the application of new materials and new techniques.The JG-9 and SLJG drawer propulsion mechanisms adopt the principle of screw screw advance, multi-turn labor-saving and direct impact propulsion, with three-position display and positioning functions, simple operation, labor-saving and reliable, and strong practicability.

Product Highlights

1. The whole cabinet adopts an assembled combination structure, and the modular holes are installed. The parts have strong versatility, good applicability, and high degree of standardization.

2. The four corners of the frame are connected with special reinforced corner brackets to improve the overall structural strength of the cabinet.

3. The top cover is generally a flat top cover, which can be designed as a high top cover or a flip top cover according to customer needs, which is convenient for connecting to the busbar.

4. The reversible measurement and control board is convenient for users to connect, install and detect components, and the corresponding position is equipped with a decorative frame, and the protection level can reach IP41.

5. The top of the cabinet is the busbar room, the front part is the electrical room, and the rear part is the cable outlet room.The internal separation type is 3 to ensure electrical safety.

6. Closed vertical busway, built-in copper bars, red rear cover, safe, beautiful and eye-catching.

7. The new end cabinet sealing plate, with a 45-degree slope design, has a strong three-dimensional effect, beautiful appearance, and is easy to install and disassemble.

8. The four-fold side door adopts a new edge wrapping process, which has high strength and good flatness. Flame-retardant sealing strips can be pasted around it, and the protection level can reach IP41.

9. Aluminum alloy outer hinge, high strength and precise size.

10. The drawer has three positions and display plus locking function (connection, test, isolation).

11. The guide rail of the drawer can be made of hard aluminum alloy, which has high strength and precise size. The drawer adopts the structure of four front and rear rollers, which is balanced and flexible in and out. The insertion depth of the secondary plug-in is consistent to ensure the pressure balance of the plug and ultimately ensure good electrical performance.

12. The newly designed inclined plane has a three-dimensional effect and widened lintel head, which is simple and elegant.

13. The protection level of the cabinet shell reaches IP4X.


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