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TG-MDmax low voltage switchgear
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TG-MDmax low voltage switchgear

Product Description

TG-MDmax low-voltage switchgear, detail picture 1

TG-MDmax low voltage switchgear

TG-MDmax low-voltage switchgear, detail picture 2

TG-MDmax low voltage switch


The mouth frame adopts aluminum-zinc plate C profile

The top cover of the horizontal busbar area can be disassembled

The mouth has three functional units: drawer type, removable type and plug-in type

Drawer type structure, up to 36 circuits can be assembled

The intelligent drawer can realize three-position conversion without reducing the protection level

The positioning of the movable parts of the mouth drawer can match the three indications of sound, light and words

A complete drawer-type electric control circuit solution


TG-MDmax combined multi-functional low-voltage switchgear meets GB7251.12-2013 and IEC61439-1 standards.The electrical and mechanical design adopts the principle of modularization, and the compactness, diversity and flexibility of the cabinet scheme are realized through the selection of standard components and components.

Application field

Car manufacturer

Ferrous Metallurgy

Paper printing


Food and medicine

Tobacco and wine industry

data center

power station

Ships and Offshore Platforms

Municipal infrastructure

Public transit

Environmental protection

school hospital

financial communication

office building

shopping center

Warehouse Center


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